Friday, November 18, 2011

President Obama Shows His Support For Tobacco Use Prevention!

The American Cancer Society's Great American Smoke-Out took place yesterday, a day that encourages many people to quit smoking and lists the benefits of what quitting smoking can do for their lives after an hour, a day, a week, and so on.

The Obama Administration acknowledged this day yesterday as a reflection of the continuous support for preventing tobacco use the administration has shown over the past several years.

  • The Obama Administration has granted the FDA the authority to ban candy- and fruit-flavored cigarettes, stop the marketing and selling of tobacco products to minors, and ban cigarette labels such as "light," which can be misleading.
  • The Administration has also created a reform to give smokers the ability to use proven treatments by increasing insurance coverage through funding tobacco prevention programs.
  • Cigarette tax also increased by 62 cents in 2009, among other tobacco taxes.

We applaud our government officials for their work in the area of tobacco. They show that they care not only for a healthy Wisconsin, but for a healthy America.

To view President Obama addressing the Great American Smokeout and discussing tobacco issues, view the link below: