Thursday, February 9, 2012

E-Hookah- Coming to a Store Near You!

We learned today that 7-Eleven is partnering with a company called Xhale 02 to distribute e-Hookah electronic cigarette products in stores across the U.S.

The rise of e-Hookah and other electronic cigarette products is another tactic for the tobacco industry to hook new users and sell more products by developing trendy, candy-flavored products.

E-Hookah claims to not contain any nicotine. But it does contain glycerin. As with many of the products in e-cigarettes, we don’t know very much about glycerin or the other chemicals in e-Hookah. We certainly don’t know much about its potential health risks. A quick internet search shows that glycerol is used in everything from cough syrups to laxatives, to snus.

Traditional hookah use has been linked to cancers (lung, oral, bladder), heart disease and other health risks including Tuberculosis and skin and tooth problems. We don’t know how e-Hookah will harm your health, and that’s a scary thing.

E-Hookah comes in a range of candy-like flavors: chocolate, vanilla, grape, peach, lemon-mint, watermelon, strawberry and blueberry. E-Hookah is also designed to look like a cigarette. The website brags that “an orange-colored light is often chosen for its visual resemblance to actual burning tobacco in the front of the cigarette.”

E-cigarettes are not safe. They also confuse people who see someone smoking with an e-cigarette and decide it’s OK to light up.

While Wisconsin does not have any 7-Eleven stores, we can be assured that e-Hookah will be here soon. Xhale 02’s website promises they “are continuously expanding into new retail outlets not only throughout the USA, but also internationally.” And you can easily order their products – and many others – online.

Do live near a 7-Eleven? Have you seen e-Hookah products in your neighborhood convenience stores?

Don’t let tobacco marketers fool you into thinking e-Hookah or other electronic cigarettes are “safe.” When it comes to e-cigarettes, what you don’t know can certainly hurt you.