Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's time for Wisconsin to breathe free

All across the country and the world, communities are enacting smoke-free laws in order to protect public and worker health. Smoke-free laws have been passed in Appleton, Madison, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago and thousands of other communities, as well as sixteen states, and many entire countries like Ireland. Even France is going smoke-free!

States with Comprehensive Smoke-free Laws as of January, 2007
(Smoking prohibited in all workplaces, including restaurants and taverns)

• California
• Delaware
• New York
• Connecticut
• Maine
• Massachusetts
• Rhode Island
• Vermont
• Washington
• Puerto Rico
• Hawaii
• Ohio
• Arizona (implements May 1, 2007)
• Washington, DC
• New Jersey
• Colorado

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SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

See post on Friday, March 16th - New Mexico can now be added to this list. They will implement their comprehensive smoke-free law in June of this year.