Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"This is not a budget for Big Tobacco..."

Straight from the governor's mouth - Big Tobacco isn't welcome in Wisconsin.

No word on the statewide smoke-free air bill - Governor Doyle stuck to discussing fiscal policy tonight. Here's a recap of the anti-tobacco budget components:

  • $1.25 increase in the cigarette tax
  • restoration of $650 million of the tobacco settlement funds
  • $30 million earmarked yearly to fight against tobacco in Wisconsin

What makes this proposal so good?
  • the tobacco tax money will go to fund Medicaid costs directly related to smoking
  • Quote of the night: "I will not allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated" (pledging to protect the anti-tobacco money to go toward tobacco-related treatment and anti-tobacco programs!)

What did you think of the budget address? Let us know!

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