Monday, May 7, 2007

We're making our mark!

Last week's Tobacco Control Conference was a huge succcess! One of the highlights was the number of people who headed over to the capitol to provide educational messages about tobacco prevention and control to our legislators. Here's a map of the people who stopped by our action booth before they headed across the street. Thanks to everyone who made this special effort!

(Later this week we'll post a Google Map of legislative visits and you can add yourself to it if you don't see your visit represented.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the conference attendees who visited the booth, and visited the Capitol! There seemed to be a real sense of energy at the conference. We recently had a legislative breakfast, and the legislators all made it clear: Personal contacts (visits, calls, letters) make the difference! Thanks for AMPLIFYING IT! Joyce

Anonymous said...

The map looks terrific! What a great outreach effort, way to go!