Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Senate passes $1.25 and restores funding!

The Wisconsin State Senate took a major step forward today to help dramatically reduce Wisconsin’s tobacco burden, save taxpayers money and help hold the line on tobacco-related health care costs! In their version of the budget, they not only passed the $1.25 tobacco tax increase, but also passed an amendment to restore the tobacco control program funding back to $30 million. The Joint Finance Committee had cut $10 million of the program funds, but thanks to the Senate's 18-15 vote, the program funding is fully restored!

Special thanks to all Senators who voted in favor of this initiative:

Senator Breske
Senator Carpenter
Senator Coggs
Senator Decker
Senator Erpenbach
Senator Hansen
Senator Jauch
Senator Kreitlow
Senator Lassa
Senator Lehman
Senator Miller
Senator Plale
Senator Risser
Senator Robson
Senator Sullivan
Senator Taylor
Senator Vinehout
Senator Wirch

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