Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Are they serious?

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau released the Assembly Republicans version of the budget yesterday, which they will vote on today with the full Assembly (where Republicans have control 52-47). Like expected, they deleted the provision for a $1.25 increase, leaving the budget without any tax increase at all.

What was not expected was a 75% cut in the tobacco control program funding -- their budget has the program funding at a mere $2.5 million per year!

Obviously, we are appalled at the Assembly's actions; we had heard the program would be funded at $10 million under the Assembly version. We are going to make our voices heard loud and clear that this is not an effective policy for reducing the burden of tobacco in Wisconsin!

We'll keep you updated as more unfolds; the Assembly begins their budget session at 12:00pm today. Remember you can watch the action on www.wiseye.org or check here at the SFW blog.

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