Thursday, August 2, 2007

SmokeFree's 31 Day Experiment...

It's hard to believe we've been blogging since February! (I guess this calls for a six-month anniversary.) Amber, Jennie, and I have been talking lately about how to make our blog better and more helpful to you, our readers.

A recent post on Michele Martin's blog, The Bamboo Project, came at just the right time. She's taking up Darren Rowse's "31 Days to Building a Better Blog 2007" challenge and she challenged her readers/fellow bloggers to do the same. There are 3 goals of the experiment, 2 of which we're interested in here at SmokeFree Wisconsin:

  • finding readers
  • building community/keeping readers (this one's for you, folks)
  • monetizing a blog (this is the one we won't be paying much attention to)
I have to admit I wasn't sure if this challenge was right for us at first, but after reading what other bloggers (like Laura Whitehead from the U.K.) are saying about the challenge, I think there's a real potential for us to improve the way our blog serves our readers' interests.

So, here we go! (And for all you silent lurkers out there, please use this month as an excuse to leave us a comment or send us an e-mail!)


Laura Whitehead said...

Hi Liz, will be intrigued to see how your experiment goes as well, and hope also that we can share some of the good practice that may emerge out of this to share with others!

Sue Waters said...

Hi Liz

I am also part of the 31 Day Challenge (and we have added a Sweet twist of chocolate to the challenge).

Regarding smoking here in Western Australia you are not allowed to smoke in hotels or restaurants. These rules have been in place for several years now. Yes, people did say there would be a drop in people drinking out but this has not been the case.