Monday, September 17, 2007

Ask the Public Health Committee to Pass Smoke-free Air with NO Exceptions!

I know you've probably already done this, but now is a really critical time to let the Senate Public Health Committee know you support a comprehensive smoke-free law for WI with NO exceptions!
Ask the Senate Public Health Committee to approve SB 150 as soon as possible so that WI can join its neighbors (IL and MN) in going 100% smoke-free!

Click here to e-mail the Senate Public Health Committee - we've even written the letter for you, so there are no excuses!


Anonymous said...

Stupid people need the govt to make decisions for them. Personally I can CHOOSE where I want to work. Smoking bans should be left up to the individual business owners!

Liz @ SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

The problem with this argument is that inhaling cigarette smoke isn't just the choice of the smoker. Cigarette smoke affects everyone around the smoker too. Secondhand smoke has negative health effects on non-smokers, and it's not fair for smokers to inflict their "choices" on others.