Friday, September 28, 2007

I love Wisconsin cheese, but maybe it's time to move to Minnesota.

2 Days until Minnesota goes smoke-free. I never thought I'd be jealous of Minnesota, but here I am. I love the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin cheese, but I really love smoke-free air, and it's in short supply here in Wisconsin. 22 states have passed smoke-free laws that cover restaurants and bars. I am a proud Wisconsinite who supports local businesses. I want to go out to eat at a neighborhood restaurant in my hometown and have a beer at the bar, but not at the expense of my health.

Things that I can't do in Wisconsin that I can do in Minnesota on Monday:

  • Enjoy a beer at a bar.
  • Go bowling - I'm a bad bowler, but it's fun to try.
  • Watch the Packers kick butt at my favorite sports bar - Brett Favre looks better once the smoke has cleared.
  • Sing karaoke - who wants to sing karaoke at home?
  • Go dancing.
  • See my favorite band in concert.
What will you do in Minnesota when it goes smoke-free on Monday?


shelly said...

I agree with you! Just because we want to go out and have a good time doesnt mean we have to come home with lungs full of smoke and smelling like an ashtray! People's health is the main goal. We dont even have the choice to breathe smoke free air when we go into an establishment. How fair is that? I may move to Chicago! January 1st they also go smoke free! Good for you Illinois! And good for you Minnesota!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a raging lunatic! I can finally go to a bar and have a beer but not at the expense of my health, because beer is really good for my health!? Beer contains alcohol which is proven to be a nervous system depressant and can impair judgement! Maybe you should freak out about that too! When will people get a brain! Oh, and lets not mention all the harmful chemicals found in automobile exhaust! Let's ban all automobiles too! Let's all just go stark raving mad and ban everything we can possibly think of that is even remotely dangrous to our health and live in a tight bubble, completely secluded and shut off from the outside world, all in the name of our well-being and protection!