Friday, November 2, 2007

Budget Q&A - eeewww!

Q: Were there any tobacco-related partial vetoes in the budget?

A: Yes. These guys (see picture) wanted an exemption from being taxed. Eeewww. This stuff is so creepy... I should have done this post on Halloween. Smokeless tobacco products classified as "moist snuff" actually received an exemption from being taxed in the budget that was passed by the legislature. Thankfully, Gov. Doyle used his veto pen to remove this exemption from the budget he signed. By partially vetoing this exemption, no tobacco product will be exempt from being taxed in Wisconsin.

You can read Gov. Doyle's veto message on this item here: Scroll to the bottom of pg. 40 of the .pdf to read his comments (only 3 sentences).

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