Monday, January 21, 2008

1 out of 2 in Green Bay

The Green Bay Press-Gazette gave me hope yesterday morning that we would see 2 Green Bay victories in the same day - words can't describe my sadness that we're not going to the Super Bowl - but yesterday did mark a turning point in Green Bay...

The Green Bay Press-Gazette editorialized in favor of Wisconsin going smoke-free NOW, becoming the 58th editorial statewide in favor of the Breathe Free Wisconsin Act (over the past year). Click on the markers on the map to view all the editorials!

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Liz @ SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

Did we leave an editorial out? Leave a comment and we'll add it to the map.

Bill said...

Keep pushing local smoking bans while at the same time applying pressure for State passage and implementation. That's what we did here in Illinois. We went from one of the filthiest, nicotene-drenched States in the Nation to now having the strongest smoke free law in the Nation! Wisconsin smoke free advocates will also win their fight for clean air. Not only do the vast majority of non smokers support clean indoor air, but also the majority of smokers in Wisconsin and other States support these bans. Big Tobacco now realizes this but it is too late for them to stop or even slow down the smoke free movement. Momentum is even gaining worldwide. All Big Tobacco can do now is to eat their losses attributable to clean indoor air laws and concentrate on dumping their filthy, health destroying product onto third world countries and places like Russia. My personal feeling is that God will (and is) bringing the Tobacco Companies down to their knees for what they have done to smokers by hooking them and also to non smokers over the many years by forcing them to breathe in the disgusting secondhand smoke.