Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Today marks the launch of the 6-week statewide My Smoke-free Story campaign. This radio and internet campaign features 9 real Wisconsinites talking about their experiences with secondhand smoke. While there are many statistics on the health dangers of secondhand smoke, these stories illustrate its human cost.

Go to www.mysmokefreestory.com to view and listen to the stories and take advantage of the tools the site offers, including:
- Read up on secondhand smoke with their numerous fact sheets(http://mysmokefreestory.com/secondhand.php)
- Focus your message with the site's customized fact sheet tool (http://mysmokefreestory.com/extras_factsheet.php)
- Print downloadable restaurant cards available in two varieties: one card thanking restaurants for being smoke-free and another that encourages them to learn more about smoke-free air if they allow smoking (http://mysmokefreestory.com/extras_restaurant.php)

There's never been a better time to stand up and tell your own story, and you can do it here or by calling the toll-free 866-94-STORY phone number. Make your voice heard and visit the site today!

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