Thursday, January 3, 2008

What to expect next Tuesday

We've been getting a lot of questions at the SmokeFree Wisconsin office about what to expect next Tuesday at the Senate Public Health Committee meeting. Here are some answers!

Q: Can I give testimony at the meeting?
A: No - a public hearing was held May 31, 2007. You can attend the meeting, but there will be no opportunity for additional public comment. If you'd like to let the committee members know you support the bill, you can contact their offices ahead of Tuesday. The members of the Senate Public Health Committee are Sen. Carpenter, Sen. Kreitlow, Sen. Coggs, Sen. Cowles, and Sen. Schultz.

Q: What can I do right now to help SB 150 pass committee and pass the Senate?
A: If your senator sits on the Public Health Committee, make sure you and all your family and friends have contacted him. A phone call can go a long way, and many legislative offices say phone calls are more meaningful than e-mails. If you're nervous about calling your senator's office, call after hours or over the weekend and leave a voicemail (but don't forget to include your name and address)!
If your senator does not sit on the Public Health Committee, write a letter to the editor of your newspaper. Positive media from real people like you will only add to our momentum. Urge the committee and the Senate to act swiftly and send SB 150 to the Assembly so WI can join the ranks of smoke-free states. Most local newspapers have a form on their website where you can submit your letter; others have e-mails where you can send your opinion. Legislators read the opinion sections of newspapers religiously, so your letter will reach the public and your lawmaker.

Q: How can I learn what happens on Tuesday if I'm not at the meeting?
A: SmokeFree Wisconsin will post updates on our blog - the meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and we're 2nd on the agenda. You might also want to tune into WisconsinEye at - they stream live video of meetings at the capitol. We'll repost that link for you on Tuesday morning.

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