Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More speakers

Dr. Pat Remington - spoke to public health issue

Paul Decker - non-smoking lung cancer survivor - Paul told his personal story with his experience and recovery from cancer; he also discussed the limitations he faces looking for a smoke-free Fish Fry; Paul now consults with businesses, manufacturers - most of whom have removed smoking from the workplace to control healthcare costs
-Paul also serves on ACS Midwest Division Board - pointed out that IL, MN, and now IA have beat us to the punch

Mario Mendoza, Economic and Leg. Liaison for City of Madison - this is a trend
-commended bipartisan support in both houses
-Madison's experience doesn't support the claims of loss of business
-implementation of Madison's smoke-free policy was much easier than predicted
-no complaints have been registered in 24 months
-businesses, particularly bars, have adapted by building outdoor smoking patios

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