Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rep. Wieckert is first

Rep. Wieckert, author of AB 834, is testifying first.

Here are his points:
-will make us healthier
-will level the playing field
-represents Appleton, a city with a smoke-free ordinance that covers all restaurants and bars - says voters are very happy with smoke-free environments (as proved by 3 voter referenda)
-Rep. Wieckert has been hearing from constituents who love smoke-free Appleton, which is rare (he says usually folks stay quiet if they're content)
-latest CDC report was a catalyst for Rep. Wieckert's support
-Rep. Wieckert points out that comprehensive, uniform policy will be best - no games can be played by businesses seeking exemptions
-let's do this soon - it's time
-we still have 19 days to take action and we CAN do this
-Rep. Wieckert says he's open to amendments, but not if they are offered as a delay tactic
-Rep. Wieckert thanked hearing attendees for coming today

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