Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kick Butts Day

Today is Kick Butts Day - a chance for youth across the country and here in Wisconsin to take the lead in the fight against Big Tobacco. For more information about Kick Butts Day and what Wisconsin youth are doing today to shed light on Big Tobacco's lies and deceit, click here.

Youth are primary targets of Big Tobacco's misleading advertising. Almost 90% of adult regular smokers were already addicted to cigarettes by the time they turned 18. Here in Wisconsin the FACT movement has empowered middle and high school youth to fight back against Big Tobacco by exposing the industry's dirty tricks. One of the cool things about FACT is that they don't focus or place blame on smokers, but instead spend their efforts exposing the tobacco companies who court and addict youth through magazine ads, product placement, concert sponsorships, and illegal sales.

So, just like their motto goes, "fight with fact!" and happy Kick Butts Day.

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