Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrate Father's Day without the Butts!

With Father's Day quickly approaching, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has published data about the detrimental effects tobacco has on fathers every year nationwide and specifically in Wisconsin. Take a look at some of these facts:

  • Nearly 20% (415, 300) of all men in Wisconsin smoke.

  • On average, 4500 men die of smoking-related diseases in Wisconsin every year.

  • 2900 children in Wisconsin have already lost their fathers to smoking-related diseases, and 410 will continue to lose their fathers to smoking each year.

  • Wisconsin pays $1,248,700,000 every year in health costs to treat male smokers.

Follow these guidelines to protect your children from the harms of secondhand smoke and from lighting up themselves:

  • Quit smoking! Even if you've struggled, keep trying! Children with a parent who smokes are twice as likely to begin smoking.

  • Don’t allow smoking in your home or your car.

  • Talk to your children about any questions they have about smoking and clear up any misunderstandings.

  • Support tobacco prevention efforts and smoke-free laws locally, statewide, and nationally.

This June 15th, remember that you play a major role in your children's opinions about smoking. Teach your children about the harms of tobacco and enjoy your Father’s Day without the butts!

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