Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monona votes for smoke-free, next city to pass smoke-free restaurant and bar ordinance

Monona alders responded to an incredible show of constituent support and pressure last night by voting in favor of a smoke-free ordinance. The ordinance provides smoke-free protection in all workplaces, including restaurants, bowling alleys, and bars. It will go into effect June 1, 2009.

Congratulations to our advocates on the ground, who walked door-to-door gathering input from their community. It was the work of BreatheFree Monona that brought this ordinance around!


Ryan said...

I find it peculiar that you would choose to use the phrase "smoke free protection."

Who exactly is being protected from what?

The whole concept really makes no sense to me. I would appreciate it if you could break it all down and really explain how it is that the smoke free law protects grown adults.

Liz @ SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

Secondhand smoke causes heart disease, lung cancer, and other life threatening illnesses, even in "grown adults." Providing smoke-free environments for all workers protects them from the health risks caused by this deadly substance.

Austin said...

My step mom, Pam, worked in a tobacco-filled environment for the better part of 20 years as a journalist. Without the kind of protection a smoke-free city like Monona offers, Pam was given a choice: give up her job and her passion for journalism, or continue working in a potentially harmful environment. She chose to keep working. In 2005, some twenty years after newspaper offices went smoke-free, Pam died of a smoker's cancer. Who exactly is being protected from what? With smoke-free protection like the ban in Monona, people like Pam, hardworking nonsmokers, are being protected from the deadly habits of their coworkers, customers, and clients.