Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Clean Bill of Public Health

If you've been keyed into the exciting news in Pennsylvania, you will notice the air is finally being cleared in PA. That's right Pennsylvania is the most recent state to enact a smoke-free law. Some of the links below feature stories on this important piece of legislation.

Article from WPXI

Article from NBC10

What you will see in these articles is that the statewide law is complex and to some confusing. The law, while moving towards protecting all workers from the dangers of second-hand smoke- will NOT protect all workers. People will not be fully protected in all public places. It is exemptions like the ones in the PA law that creates a situation where people do not know where they are protected and where they are not. Its time for ALL hospitality workers to be protected from secondhand smoke. Strong smoke free laws are easier to enforce and create equity among all workplaces and public places.
Wisconsin needs a clean bill of public health, that means a need for a strong statewide smoke free law! No exemptions, no delays!

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