Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In honor of St. Patrick's Day...

If only we had smoke-free Irish pubs all across Wisconsin!

According to a paper by Frieda Edgette and Stan Glantz published in the European Heart Journal in 2006, "Ireland made history when it became the first country in Europe (and the first nation in the world) to make all its workplaces, restaurants, and pubs 100% smoke-free on 29 March 2004. Thanks to a strong law, an effective public education campaign about the effects of secondhand smoke, and a serious enforcement effort, Ireland's smoke-free workplace law enjoys over 93% public support, including 80% of smokers. The Irish government reports a 97% compliance rate, consistent with experience elsewhere."

Here's to 5 years of being successfully smoke-free! Way to go Ireland.

Want to learn more?
Click here to read a 2007 study on bar workers' attitudes toward the Irish smoke-free law.

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