Tuesday, April 7, 2009

76% voter approval of 3 Wisconsin smoke-free policies

If you live in Appleton, Eau Claire, or Marshfield, you probably already know how happy people are with their smoke-free workplace, restaurant, and bar ordinances.

Three recent polls confirm that Wisconsinites love smoke-free air (76% on average!), and suggest that when Wisconsin goes smoke-free, the law will enjoy popularity in all corners of the state!

Click here to read the poll summary (.pdf).

What's your reason for wanting a smoke-free Wisconsin? Head on over to our smoke-free campaign website and let us know! www.holdingourbreathwi.com.

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Anonymous said...

Teens are just going to do more desperate things-criminal things, or resort to marijuana because it is cheaper than tobacco. And if you say anything different, than your in denial. Tax the hell out of it to improve overall health? Get real. "A Government, than governs least, governs best." -Thomas Paine