Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing group of tavern owners support statewide smoke-free law

Taverns Clearing the Air has nearly 100 members- tavern owners, along with some owners of restaurants, golf courses, lodges, and bowling alleys. They're willing to stand up for our right to breathe clean indoor air!

Some member venues allow smoking, some are nonsmoking because of a local smoke-free ordinance, and some are smoke-free by choice. All Taverns Cearing the Air members share the common goal of a statewide smoke-free law. These forward-thinking business owners join the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, the Wisconsin Innkeepers Association and the Wisconsin Association of Tourism Attractions in support of a statewide smoke-free law.

It's been great to hear the stories from Taverns Clearing the Air members, who say a statewide smoke-free law is the fair and healthy solution for everyone.

Check out this video from WKBT in La Crosse that features a Taverns Clearing the Air member explaining why he supports a statwide smoke-free law.

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