Thursday, April 23, 2009

TPCP funding restored!

This just in from the Joint Finance Committee session this evening: Tobacco Prevention and Control Program funding has been restored to its current level of $15.25 million per year. (Vote: 12-4) This is good news for state taxpayers, our next generation of youth in Wisconsin, and tobacco users who need help quitting their addictions.

The program works. It saves taxpayer dollars. The investment is critical.

Our work isn't done, so keep your sleeves rolled up!


debtfk said...

That is wonderful news that the youth of this state are a priority with the joint finance committee.

Debbie Fischer

Anonymous said...

Smoke free dining can't come too soon for me with my asthma. Norma

Anonymous said...

Musicians who have been injurred by second hand smoke will then be able to work again. Lets join the other 23 states of our country.