Thursday, May 28, 2009

JFC Update: TPCP funding cut official

The Joint Finance Committee just voted on "Motion 700," which contained the nearly 40% cut to the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program we mentioned earlier today. It passed 12-4 on partisan lines.

What's next >>

  • more changes to the budget by JFC
  • JFC's budget moves to full Assembly for debate and vote (great opportunity for you to tell your state representative to reverse the cut - explain how the Quitline, your local coalition, or youth prevention activities have made a difference for you)
  • budget moves to full Senate for debate and vote (important to also let your senator know why tobacco prevention is important to you or the people you care about)
  • budgets are reconciled between the Assembly and Senate
  • budget heads to governor's desk
  • governor may exercise line item veto power and sign or reject the legislature's budget
On another note, it looks like the proposed tobacco tax increase will be up for debate later tonight.


Anonymous said...

You Can Thank The Democratic Party For Slashing Tobacco Control!

The Democrats slashed tobacco control by 40%, and most or all of that cut went to pet Democratic leader projects. Here's where the Democratic Party decided to spend tobacco control money:

Earmarks: The committee signed off on $28 million in bonds for a School of Nursing facility at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

They also provided: $6.6 million for a Yahara River project in Dane County; $5 million for the Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corp.; $4 million for planning a joint museum for the State Historical Society and Department of Veterans Affairs; up to $1.25 million for Manitowoc Road in Bellevue; $1.1 million for the AIDS Network and AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin; up to $500,000 for Washington Street in Racine; $500,000 for an environmental center in a park that borders Madison and Monona; $500,000 for the Oshkosh Opera House; $500,000 for Eco Park in La Crosse; up to $430,000 for Highway X in Chippewa County; up to $400,000 for State St. in Racine; $250,000 for a bridge on S. Reid Road in Rock County; $250,000 for the Madison Children's Museum; $125,000 to remodel an Eau Claire library; $100,000 for Huron Road in Bellevue; $50,000 for a consortium of seven Dane County schools; $50,000 for the Chequamegon School District; $50,000 for an Eau Claire County shooting range; $50,000 for a playground in the Town of Beloit; $37,200 for the City of Stanley in Chippewa County; $25,000 for the Root River Education Center in Racine; and $20,000 for a pedestrian path in Rock County.

Wyatt said...

This is America. Americans should be able to choose whether or not they want to smoke. Just like American Business owners should be able to choose whether or not people can smoke in their business.

Let me worry about my own health. If you don't like smoking and work at a bar, McDonnalds is ALWAYS hiring and they don't smoke in there.