Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Significant Vote Tomorrow!

The last two weeks have been a flurry of activity on smoke-free legislation in Wisconsin. This week's floor session is the next big hurdle for this critical piece of public health legislation.

Tomorrow, May 13th, is the day that both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature will be discussing and most likely voting on the smoke-free air bill.

Assembly Bill 253 and Senate Bill 181 will not only make it to the floor to be debated and voted on, but is predicted to pass by one legislator. And another. We will soon know when Wisconsin will be finally going smoke-free.

You can watch the floor proceedings on Wisconsin Eye


Anonymous said...

Did the bill pass with restaurants going smoke-free in 90 days, or July 2010? I knew the taverns were going smoke-free July 2010, but I thought other indoor venues would go smoke free sooner.


Liz @ SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

Great question! Wisconsin workplaces, including restaurants and bars, will be required to go smoke-free indoors on July 5, 2010 - there is no "tiered" implementation for different types of businesses. Any workplace may go smoke-free before the July 2010 date.