Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FACT loves smoke-free air

Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco (FACT) is busy promoting Wisconsin's smoke-free implementation date next year!

Franklin, Wis. FACT members celebrated America's independence with a celebration of clean air on the way on July 5, 2010. As FACT passed through the streets of their hometown, residents cheered for their float and signs celebrating smoke-free air. They carried signs saying, "Get Ready for a Healthier You" and "We love Smoke-free."

Ellsworth, Wis. FACT demonstrated their enthusiasm for smoke-free air at the Cheese Curd Festival Parade on June 28th. The group paraded through the route showing off a sign, "Counting down to clean air."

Milwaukee, Wis. LGBT FACT showed their pride for smoke-free air at the annual PrideFest event. The kids created a giant "Stop Secondhand Smoke" chalking, and encouraged people to snuff out their cigarettes. FACT members also educated people about Big Tobacco's targeting of LGBT populations, sprayed designs on T-shirts, and created FACT building blocks.

Thanks FACT for promoting smoke-free air, and reminding everyone of Big Tobacco's ploys to hook youth!

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