Thursday, August 13, 2009

E-cigs are NOT a safe alternative to cigarettes

In July, the FDA finally dispelled the rumors that e-cigarettes could be safer than regular cigarettes by releasing an analysis of the new product. The FDA's results: E-cigarettes are NOT a safe alternative to cigarettes.

The FDA study found that the products contain the poison Diethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which are human carcinogens, and other harmful tobacco-specific ingredients. In addition, of the advertised non-nicotine e-cigs the FDA tested, all but one still contained low levels of the drug.

The organization Americans for Nonsmokers Rights (ANR) also published a statement expressing concern over e-cigarettes' ingredients and marketing practices.

ANR brought up their concerns with public health and cigarettes, because the e-cigarette vapors could contain dangerous chemicals. They urged public health officials to not expose workers to the vapors of e-cigarettes before they have been thoroughly tested.

Their statement said:
"We believe that public health officials should make it clear that e-cigarettes are not an acceptable substitute for tobacco products in places that the law requires to be smokefree."

ANR also voiced concerns with the marketing of e-cigarettes to children, with candy flavors such as chocolate and strawberry, clearly aimed at hooking kids and other first-time users.

For more information visit ANR's site or the FDA's results page.

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