Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you smober yet?

The question are you smober at first seems like there might be a typo. In truth the question means are you clean and sober from drugs and/or alcohol AND tobacco free. Nationally as well as in Wisconsin there is progress being made in the area of addressing co-addictions (alcohol and/or other drugs and nicotine) and mental health issues in current smokers. See Wisconsin's own WiNTiP program for more details: Click here for WiNTiP

Science Daily's Article "Doctors fear asking mentally ill to quit" might bring attention to a vulnerable population who could also be helped by the increase in price of cigarettes this month. "People with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are the heaviest smokers in the country, but their doctors are afraid to ask them to quit," the article states. It continues to say, "They assume that if their patients try to quit smoking, their mental disorders will get worse." (To read the full article and to understand the myth some doctor's believe CLICK HERE.)

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