Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More media coverage about the tax!

Wausau Daily Herald Article

Sheboygan Press Article


mbakken said...

Nothing SmokeFree WI does is honest! Even IF there were that many people in WI that died from smoking related illness, it's THEIR choice! These nannies get their money from grants and lobby against an entire population. If all smokers quit, what other population will get a 2,200% increase to balance the state budget? Property taxes perhaps? Wouldn't everyone be screaming then! I think the American Cancer Society and the other anything BUT non-profits should lose their tax exempt status due to their lobbying and then pay taxes on their millions of dollars worth of property. Balance the budget that way instead of on the backs of hard working citizens who only want to live their own lives freely!

Erich said...

Non-profit 501(c)3 organizations are allowed to spend a percentage of their time lobbying. Here at SmokeFree Wisconsin we fundraise to pay for our lobbying. Like many non-profits our grants are for education. We spend far more hours annually educating people about important public health policy than we do lobbying.