Thursday, October 1, 2009

Great Article in the Wisconsin State Journal TODAY!

(Pictured Left: Lois Smith, of Rio, quit smoking with help from Wisconsin's Quit Line, part of a program funded by the state cigarette tax. She's shown here in February 2009. Photo by: John Maniaci - State Journal archives)

"Starting Thursday, smokers with health insurance who call the state Quit Line for help kicking their habit will get less help, the result of a 55 percent cut in state funding to smoking cessation and anti-smoking programs.
In spite of soaring state cigarette taxes, the Quit Line's funding was slashed by two-thirds - from $3.7 million a year to $1.2 million - as part of the broad cuts implemented in the 2009-11 budget signed by Gov. Jim Doyle to help solve the state's massive deficit. Total funding for anti-tobacco programs was cut from $15.3 million a year to $6.9 million.
The cuts follow a 75-cent increase in the cigarette tax on Sept. 1 that brought the state tax to $2.52 per pack, and also follows a $1-per-pack increase in 2008 - moves made to help solve budget deficits."

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