Monday, November 9, 2009

FDA: moving into a new era in tobacco control research

Dr. Cathy L. Backinger of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)- Tobacco Control Research Branch wrote an important release about tobacco control research. She outlines some of the important areas that the FDA will regulate including candy flavored cigarettes and mild and light labels. She also highlights some important funded research initiatives: improving effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions among low-income adults and preventing and reducing smokeless tobacco use. In 2010 continued efforts to expand our knowledge through an ever expanding body of research about tobacco and how to help people quit. NCI intends to move into funding research that examines state and community tobacco control and exploring media  relations. 

Continued research that helps to improve the effectiveness of tobacco control is extremely important. Any new studies that are released will ultimately help Wisconsin better address the number one cause of preventable death and disease in our state. Wisconsin citizens are not as educated about new product innovations, like Camel Snus, as they are about the hazards of smoking. As the FDA's new regulation over tobacco continues, improved research will emerge. The overall effectiveness of Wisconsin's tobacco control efforts will improve and more research is released.  

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Ivy said...

This is good.

Though I think it's impossible to eliminate tabacco, but people can try best to reduce it as possible as we can.

Hope everything goes well...