Friday, February 5, 2010

Indiana Next Smoke-Free Midwest State?

 A bold move from the House voted to approve a statewide smoke-free air law by a margin of 73-26! However there is reluctance by the Senate to take up the bill. Hopefully, the "Crossroads of America" will become the smoke-free hub of the midwest.

While Wisconsin shed its nickname as the ashtray of the midwest, is  Indiana going to be taking that name on?

Stay tuned to see whether the Senate willm ove this bill or bow down to the pressures of big business.


Anonymous said...

Comment moderation is necessary for those who refuse to entertain intelligent discussion on issues that have more than one solution. For an organization that holds itself up as a champion for something they believe is paramount to the health and safety of our society, using it amounts to censorship. Not allowing the voices and views of the rest of the public to be viewed is weak, and it is clearly an act of desperation. I have lost all respect for you and your organization.
I say this because I believe that any positive commentary made on the subject of electronic cigarettes will never see the light of day on this blog. This leads me to the conclusion that you would rather spread lies, than educate anyone on a viable alternative smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Erich said...

Our blog has a strict policy around comments and the moderation of comments is at the discretion of the staff. This is not censorship. We are not operating a public forum.