Monday, March 1, 2010

Ohio: Smoke-free Prison 1 year later

The heart of it all, Ohio, implemented a institution wide tobacco-free policy last year. In assessing the success of that policy a clear indicator has emerged. Ohio taxpayers will be paying less for medical care for people who are incarcerated because of this policy. Prison medical staff indicated that inmates with tobacco related illnesses have been feeling better and require less medication to feel good. Ohio prisons chief Ernie Moore said the positive health effect is "the reason we did this in the first place."
"It's been proven that tobacco use increases health-care costs. When taxpayers are paying for inmate health-care cost, it only made sense to eliminate smoking," according the Columbus Dispatch article. 

This policy is a clear marker of the benefits of a tobacco-free workplace policy. 

Is you workplace tobacco-free? If not, what are you and your employer paying in tobacco-related illnesses?

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