Monday, April 5, 2010

60 Minutes: Going smokeless

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I was pleased to see that the issue of smokeless tobacco is making national news in the form of a segment on 60 Minutes last night. They featured people from a variety of viewpoints from users to public health advocates. One important note is that the science presented from Sweden on Swedish Snus product is not valid or applicable when it comes to making claims about U.S. Snus. As the story indicates snus in the Sweden is regulated heavily by the government. Toxics are assessed and reduced to "safer" levels. The U.S. does not regulate snus in the same manner. Claims of harm reduction should be taken with great caution as there is not a scrap of scientific evidence proving snus has a reduced risk in the U.S., unless that is, you believe Big Tobacco's science. Big Tobacco makes claims of harm reduction with regards to these products- not exactly a reliable source of information. Another important point that the story makes is that Big Tobacco is working hard to protect its bottom line by moving into new markets.

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