Monday, April 19, 2010

Tobacco candy a new poison

A new study was released today from the peer-reviewed journal, Pediatrics. Data from poison control centers in 2006 and 2008 showed that over 10,000 kids under six are poisoned by tobacco products each year. That number could rise with the new products that Camel has been test marketing. 

Small amounts of nicotine are very hazardous to young children. One milligram is enough nicotine to cause illness in a small child. This new study pulls together data that examines the issue of accidental poisoning by tobacco products. This research is rather timely in that the market for smokeless products is certainly growing. 

These products modeled after candy or breath mints could be attractive to small children. While Big Tobacco claims their products are not marketed at children or that they resemble Tic-Tac's; I think the public will see things differently. 

Harvard researchers including Greg Connolly studied the contents of the orbs and found that they have a higher amount of free nicotine in them than cigarettes or other smokeless products would. 

For more information on Big Tobacco's Lies on these new products visit MELTDOWN (website out of Virginia). 

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