Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Michigan Bars Seeing Revenue Increases

Michigan, like Wisconsin, debated the smoke-free issue before finally acting  last year to go smoke-free. Much of the debate centered around a potential loss in revenue or the potential damage to small business. Despite the mounting evidence that smoke-free laws do not negatively impact businesses, legislators are still reluctant to believe the statistics.

Just weeks after Michigan went smoke-free they are already seeing increases in bar revenue. Bar owners are reluctant to speak out about their feelings about smoke-free laws because they want to please both smoking and non-smoking customers. Reports are coming in that in Michigan bars are seeing the faces of customers who have not been in for years. Some might have quit smoking and going into a smoking bar was too much temptation to resist. An owner of some restaurants as saying that they are seeing more families and the immediate increase was pretty dramatic.To read the rest of the story click here.

From all accounts it seems like our neighbors are enjoying the smoke-free air. Wisconsin will see the same types of increases once we go smoke-free. All those folks who have opted to go to smoke-free places or dine and drink at home will have the ability to go anywhere they please. If Michigan can adjust, so can Wisconsin.

Where are you looking forward to going once Wisconsin goes smoke-free?

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