Thursday, May 13, 2010

Secretary Sebelius Announcement

Earlier this week the US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary announced that combating tobacco use is a top strategic priority. She cites that significant progress had been made to reduce and eliminate the burden of tobacco for many decades. However, the sharp decline in smoking rates has become stagnant in some parts of the nation. Sec. Sebelius points to comprehensive, sustainable, and accountable tobacco control efforts which are based on evidence and best practice to help further reduce the burden of tobacco in our nation. In light of this statement she has outlined the following priorities:

  1. Strengthen the Implementation of Evidence-based Tobacco Control Interventions and Policies in States and Communities
  2. Change Social Norms Around Tobacco Use
  3. Accelerate Research to Expand the Science Base and Monitor Progress
  4. Leverage HHS Systems and Resources to Create a Society Free of Tobacco-related Disease and Death

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