Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AMA: E-cigarettes are drug delivery devices

The American Medical Association released a statement earlier this week stating that electronic cigarettes or "e-cigarettes" should be classified as drug delivery devices and should be subject to FDA regulation. When e-cigs first emerged on the market, it was unclear what to classify these products as. The manufacturers state that the product is non-tobacco and a way to quit smoking. Folks who use e-cigarettes say they have quit smoking and have a "smoke-free" life. However you see the product, e-cigarettes do deliver nicotine, not unlike inhalers, lozenges, or gum. All cessation products are regulated by the FDA either as over-the-counter or by prescription. 
The article contains a quote which is quite poignant:
“Because e-cigarettes have not been thoroughly tested, one cannot conclude that they are less harmful or less dangerous than conventional cigarettes,” said Dr. Langston. “The fact that they come in fruit and candy flavors gives them the potential to entice new nicotine users, especially teens.”
FDA regulation of e-cigarettes is something we can all support.

Read the full release here:

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