Friday, June 4, 2010

Comment Policy

SmokeFree Wisconsin has hosted an organizational blog for a few years now.  It seems like a good time to remind people about the rules of engagement on our blog.
We follow fairly standard internet protocol with regard to comments:
  • Stay on topic: Comments should be made on the topic which is being discussed. Repetition should be avoided.
  • Be respectful: We encourage genuine discussion and respectful disagreement on this blog. Personal attacks and aggressive or threatening  comments will not be posted
  • No spam: Comments which intend to direct readers to a product or service will be rejected.
Please note our blog is not geared towards a "public debate" of tobacco control. This is a blog which shares resources, ideas, and relevant news within the Wisconsin Tobacco Control Movement. Readers from outside of Wisconsin are certainly encouraged, as we try to discuss tobacco-related issues that are national interest.  

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