Thursday, July 15, 2010

Citizen Speaks Out Against Gubernatorial Candidates' Desire to Repeal Smoke-Free Air

Earlier this week, we asked your thoughts regarding the gubernatorial candidates' statements concerning statewide smoke-free air.

One citizen has shared her opinion in the Journal Times:

The back-and-forth was amusing enough, but we would have wished that the two gubernatorial candidates had taken a pass on re-debating this issue and regarded it as a Supreme Court candidate might have — that it was settled law.

Wisconsin became the 28th state to adopt such a ban, and it has seen several municipalities in the state go through withdrawal with their own municipal bans on smoking in restaurants, taverns and other establishments before the statewide ban went into effect.

All of them survived the withdrawal pains and we are confident that the state, too, will endure the brief discomfort and come out on the other side with fresher, cleaner establishments that encourage customers to enter their doors without imperiling their health.

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