Thursday, July 22, 2010

Introducing our newest staff member- Emily!

Hello everyone!

My name is Emily Rohloff and I am SmokeFree Wisconsin’s newest member! I will soon be taking over much of the blogging for SmokeFree so I wanted to introduce myself. I am currently SFW’s Communications Specialist. I started my career as a TV reporter but am now excited to move into the area of health-related communications. I am passionate about making sure EVERYONE has the chance to live a healthy lifestyle and am excited about being part of a team working towards this goal. I’ll update the blog multiple times a week with different news articles for you to read or just some things for you to think about and will also ask all of you for your comments on how you feel about various topics. I’m very excited to get started and to keep you all informed with what’s happening in our newly smoke-free state!

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