Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Smoke-Free Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day, a holiday designed to recognize the contributions workers all over the US have made to our country. In light of this holiday, Wisconsin should be proud of the step recently made to recognize and protect the right of all workers to breathe smoke-free air in our state. This Labor Day, for the first time, every Wisconsin worker could take a deep breath in, without also taking in the harmful carcinogens known to be in cigarette smoke and the more than 100 other toxins that remain in the air even after the cigarette has been put out. No longer do the hard-working men and women of Wisconsin have to choose between a paycheck and exposure to these life-threatening chemicals as all work-places are now smoke-free.

So this Labor Day, our hats go off to all you workers out there and to those who helped make a smoke-free Wisconsin possible!

Picture Credit - Flickr:mag3737

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