Thursday, November 4, 2010

CDC Releases First-Ever, State-by-State Smokeless Tobacco Data

For the first time ever, the CDC has released state-by-state data on smokeless tobacco use compared to smoking rates. They found many who smoke cigarettes also use smokeless tobacco products.

Here's where WI came in:

Current smoking rates among adults: 18.8% (that's down not even 1%)
    WI men smoke at a 3% higher rate than WI women
Current smokeless tobacco use rates among adults: 3.7 %
    WI men are 6 times more likely than WI women to use smokeless tobacco products
Current rate of cigarette smokers who also currently use smokeless tobacco: 6.1%
    WI men are 5% more likely to use these two products together than women.

In analyzing the data, the CDC also found...

  •     Smokeless tobacco use tends to decrease as education increases
  •    "Smokeless tobacco use is predominantly a public health problem among men, young adults and persons with lower education..."
  •     Young men have a high prevalence of using both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco 
  •     It is necessary that tobacco control groups push for media messages, policies and interventions to keep people from starting any of these products and to help those who already have quit
  •    Using both smokeless tobacco products and cigarettes together may hinder successful smoking cessation
  • To prevent tobacco-related deaths, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that health care providers find out which tobacco products their patients use and advise them to quit. In combination with this effort, WHO recommends that taxes on tobacco be raised and smoke-free policies also be strengthened to reduce tobacco-related deaths.

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