Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Thanksgiving We're Grateful for You and Wisconsin's Smoke-Free Air.

My family has a tradition each Thanksgiving, I'm sure not too different from many of yours. Once all the food is on the table and we're gathered around the dining room taking in the aromas of turkey, stuffing, broccoli salad and freshly baked rolls we all pause a moment. Then, one by one, we go around the table and must each say what we're most thankful for before anyone can start eating.

Today, it's SmokeFree Wisconsin's turn at the table to say what we're most thankful for. It's been such a great year it's too hard to pick just one, but we will keep it to only two.

1) We're so thankful for you, our supporters who give in whatever way you can, helping us fight to end tobacco's long reign as the number one cause of preventable death in our state.

2) We're thankful for SMOKE-FREE AIR! This year we became one of 29 states to implement a smoke-free law. It's been a huge step forward in public health for Wisconsin. Today, every worker is guaranteed a smoke-free workplace, reducing their chances of developing chronic diseases like hearth disease or asthma, saving individuals, businesses and the entire state money in health care costs in the long-run. We know our work does not end here as more than 7,000 Wisconsinites still die each year in tobacco-related deaths, but it's a big move forward! Thank you to everyone out there who helped us push to make a smoke-free Wisconsin a reality!

Have a happy, smoke-free Thanksgiving!

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