Monday, December 20, 2010

SmokeFree Wisconsin Receives Grant to Work with Wisconsin Tribes

Madison, Wis. – Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights granted SmokeFree Wisconsin (SFW) $136,000 to extend smoke-free protection to Tribal workplaces.

In July 2010, Wisconsin made history becoming the 28th state to implement a smoke-free law, protecting the right of all workers to have a smoke-free workplace. However, this law did not apply to Tribal lands because they are sovereign. This leaves up to 78,000 people unprotected from the benefits of smoke-free air. Now, SFW is teaming with Tribes around the state to expand smoke-free protections for employees.

 “We are very excited to work with the Tribes on this issue,” said Maureen Busalacchi, Executive Director of SmokeFree Wisconsin. “Wisconsin is not 100% smoke-free until all workers are protected.  We look forward to working collaboratively so that all Tribal work places are healthier places to be.”

Funds for this project will go toward working with Tribes in garnering additional media attention, community education, grassroots, and implementing smoke-free workplaces.

“Our programs are very excited to collaborate with SFW,” said Teresa K. Barber and Isaiah Brokenleg of Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council who work on ending tobacco abuse in Indian Country. “We look forward to realizing a world where everyone is free from the harms of commercial tobacco, including those of us who play, work or live on reservations.”

The grant money, covering an 18-month period beginning this month, will also be used for promoting and protecting Wisconsin’s smoke-free law.

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