Thursday, May 31, 2007

First up, SB150 author, Senator Fred Risser

Senator Risser was first to testify, explaining to the committee that this is a health issue, not a marketing issue. Society has a duty and obligation to protect the health of Wisconsin citizens. To paraphrase his words, "there’s a reason why nearly half of American citizens live in communities covered by smoke-free laws; there's a reason why every health care building is smoke-free...the reason is society supports healthy workplaces for their workers, whether in the public or private sector."

Another strong point made by Senator Risser -- a point repeated by numerous testifiers questioning the logic of the opposition -- is that Tavern League of Wisconsin has asked for a level playing field in the past, and we are now granting them their wish: a smoke-free law that puts all taverns, restaurants and workplaces on a level playing field.

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