Friday, June 1, 2007

Way to Go Smoke Free!

Maureen, who stayed until the very end of the hearing, sent me the following:

"I don't have a total final count, but I think the tavern and smokers had about 30 speakers and we had the rest - a total of 110 testified! Rock on Smoke Free! And a special thanks to the American Cancer Society!"

Awesome day yesterday; I'm working on polishing up my testimony notes and I'll be updating you shortly!

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Swan said...

I had to leave at 6:30 so I didn't get to hear the final testimonies...but what I did hear was outstanding.

I talked to two coalition coordinators who brought people who were testifying for the first time at a public hearing. One first timer said the experience was "empowering". And it was!!

I wish I had captured more quotes from people's of my favorites...Don't let WI be the ash tray of the Midwest." Any other good quotes?