Monday, September 10, 2007

Heart attacks drop 17% - why are we dragging our feet on smoke-free air?

Scotland went 100% smoke-free in all workplaces, including restaurants and pubs, last March. A little over a year later, heart attack rates are down 17%.

That's a big drop compared to the 3% annual reduction in Scottish heart attack admissions in the decade before the law went into effect.

Here are some other findings from the study:

  • an 86% reduction in secondhand smoke in bars
  • a 39% reduction in secondhand smoke exposure in 11 year-olds and in adult non-smokers
  • an increase in the proportion of homes with smoking restrictions
  • no evidence of smoking shifting from public places into the home
  • high public support for the legislation, even among smokers, whose support increased once the legislation was in place
You know what kind of news would really warm my heart right now? Hearing that the Legislature is going to get back on track with SB 150. Smoke-free laws save lives - there's no question about it - so what are we waiting for?

Reader Challenge: We would like to do something creative to pump some life back into the Legislature on the smoke-free air issue - something with a heart theme maybe - any ideas? Let us know in the comments section - we'll develop some of your ideas and post them here on our blog for you to download!


Anonymous said...

I know it's not February, but maybe you could send the legislators valentines with the study findings.

Did you know they did similar studies in Helena, Montana and Pueblo, Colorado?

maggie said...

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Anonymous said...

The work place should be smoke free. LEAVE THE TAVERNS ALONE!!! If people don't want to be in a taven that allows smoking, then don't go!!

Liz @ SmokeFree Wisconsin said...

Anonymous's comment is really interesting because it reveals an underlying problem with the way many people think about the smoke-free workplace issue. He/she says workplaces should be smoke-free, but neglects to recognize taverns as a workplace. Bar and restaurant workers deserve the same protections from secondhand smoke as people who work in an office building. No one should have to breathe in secondhand smoke as a condition of employment.