Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Taggers for a $1.25 cigarette tax increase!

I couldn't resist posting on this. Yes, that's graffiti that reads, "$1.25" with the State Capitol in the background. No, I didn't put it there. I promise.

It seems that even graffiti artists see the need for the Legislature to approve a $1.25 increase in the cigarette tax. Why else would someone tag "1.25" so close to legislators' offices? I can't claim to be able to read the rest of the tag, but I'm hoping it means something along the lines of "significant cigarette tax increases save lives and save money."

It's been a while since we've posted on legislative action - mainly because there hasn't been much to speak of (SB 150 is still in committee and the Budget Conference Committee has been arguing about non-tobacco budget items) - but I think it's time we turn the pressure back up. Wisconsin is now the only state with a July 1 fiscal year start that hasn't passed a Budget.

The only positive about the Budget not being passed yet is it gives us all another opportunity to press our lawmakers to include a $1.25 cigarette tax increase (which will result in 84,000 fewer kids becoming smokers) and full funding of $30 million for the WI Tobacco Prevention and Control Program in the Budget. Prevention now means fewer health problems and health costs in the future!

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apple said...

Now all we need is another one that says $30 million.